Extraordinary and Antique Homes Need Unique
Homeowner’s Insurance

Owners of antique and very high craftsmanship homes prize their uniqueness.  What these owners need to realize is that these special homes require homeowner’s insurance policies that go beyond the standard issue policy.  Here are some things that you need to consider when assessing your insurance needs:

  1. Antique and high craftsmanship homes are unique.  Rebuilding or repairing them is much different from rebuilding or repairing normal homes.  These differences sometimes require original blueprints, job site supervisors or architects.  Many insurance companies will not consider these things covered.
  2. These types of homes may have Edwardian light fixtures, high ceilings, plaster walls, Craftsman paneling and push button light switches.  Restoration of features like these requires specially trained builders and consultants.
  3. Building codes have changed dramatically since the early 1900s.  The additional costs associated with meeting new building codes while rebuilding or repairing antique homes can be staggering.  These costs are generally not covered unless specifically requested when the policy is purchased.
  4. In rebuilding or repairing antique homes, custom-made building materials are the norm.  For instance, 21" wide pine flooring is normal in many antique homes.  However, most mills cut flooring in 18" wide sections.  Custom made building materials dramatically increase the cost of rebuilding or repairing.
  5. In insuring antique homes, replacement cost on the structure is absolutely essential.  However, many traditional insurance companies will not provide this important coverage 

Most people think that their homeowner’s policy covers them completely in the rebuilding or repairing of their antique home.  The reality is homeowner policies are filled with exclusions and limitations on coverage that antique and high craftsmanship homeowners need the most.  Some of the things these types of homeowners need are:

The Shoreline area of Connecticut is full of valuable antique and high craftsmanship homes.  Pilgrim Insurance Services has developed the expertise necessary to educate our customers on the needs and risks associated with insuring this type of home.  And Pilgrim’s independent agency status gives us access to the best and most cost effective policies of this nature.  Call Pilgrim Insurance for a no obligation review of your homeowner’s policy to make sure that you are covered properly.