Renting a Car - Should I Take Their Insurance?

One of the more unexpectedly expensive items on your vacation can be the insurance that you sign up for when you rent a car.  What many people do not realize is that if they carry liability, comprehensive (fire and theft) and collision on at least one of the permanently insured vehicles on their personal auto insurance policy then they can decline the rental company's insurance offer.  Typically if you have a reasonably new car we would recommend that you have that type of coverage on your personal vehicle to cover your risk of expensive repairs or replacement.

The one benefit of accepting the rental company's insurance coverage is that it simplifies the process for the renter if an accident does occur.  Nevertheless, be aware that you are almost always purchasing duplicate coverage at very high rental company rates.

Another thing to be aware of is that your homeowner's insurance policy typically covers the items that are stolen from your rental car or hotel room when travelling.  It also likely covers damage to personal items that may occur during an accident in a rental vehicle.

Please check with our office to confirm your coverage before you go on vacation.  If we can save you from spending unnecessary money for insurance that makes us happy!